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I am pretty sure that PVPlus sells their digital ownership data and they also have an ownership product (QPB) that they do update fairly frequently, but it is not GIS integrate-able (Thank-you, Mr. President). Contact them and they can quote you for the area you need in shapefile format. I think ( sells a digital land grid (PLSS) for Oklahoma that updates the 1:24000 USGS. You may be able to get away with using the PLSS layer at… Topographic also has some digital cultural and county data available. Someone else will have to attest to the other data needed. There may be pockets of users with expertise in specific areas related to your field that may chime in…then again they may not…


As far as costs go, you are probably not going to like it…





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My elementary question to the GIS Community ('elementary' because most of you are advanced users and this is a beginner question):


Our Landman usually orders Plat Books from Visual Lease Services.  I noticed an older version (2004) for Hughes County offered an E-Plat Cd for $50.  Unfortunately, they no longer sell the digital data.  My company has never used digital data before, but I have worked with it and know how much it can be utilized with our maps.  I recently moved here from Texas where I had access to a lot of digital land data, so this is all new to me here in OK.  I would really like to bring this company into the 21st century of technology! 


I found a County Assessor website ( which offers Plat DVDs, but I am curious about other accessible (online or CD) data?  I have used OU's online metadata site, but it doesn't have all the information I need.  I have used Tobin before, but it is outdated and expensive.  I use Petra and Kingdom Suite for geological/geophysical mapping, and ESRI file-types would be great.  BTW--I am not looking to spend much money at all on this data.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!




County Road

Parcel Boundary

Section Boundary



Possible Landowner updates sent via CD??  $$$



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