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Isn't this now the official mapping purview of the Oklahoma Tax Commission
and mapped by OU? According to recent law or regulations, the Oklahoma Tax
Commission has been designated as the official agency that determines
corporate boundaries based on the info we as cities send them. If we let our
annexation ordinances get out of date with the Commission, then according to
that law the changes are not recognized - even for the propose of determining
ward boundaries for local elections. I think the Oklahoma Municipal League
has taken up this gavel to try to get this changed or modified somehow. It
used to be that we wanted the Tax Commission to have our corporate boundaries
for purposes of collecting local and franchise taxes only and we had to deal
with the US Census annually on any boundary change.

I really thought these records we more up to date than 2003 - as I understand
the process, if a city gives the Commission evidence of a boundary change,
then the Commission has about 60-days to effectuate a boundary change for the
change to be "official" - cities I work with also send notices of any such
change to any affected business or utility.


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I have the municipal boundaries file from the OSU Center for Geospatial
Information (tax commission data) but it appears not to have been updated
since 2003. Does anyone know of a current city boundaries shapefile for the
state? We are especially interested in Tulsa and Oklahoma City boundaries.

Katy Rich

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