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Good morning. I am Troy Frazier of the Ad Valorem Division of the Oklahoma Tax Commission. I was out of the office the later part of last week.

The municipal boundary layer that you downloaded from OSU has not been updated since 2003. I have contacted OSU a few times and requested that they regularly update most their mapping layers from the website (no, do not believe OSU's metadata). As you are aware of, they have chosen not to. I guess that it is an OU - OSU thing.

Geo Information Systems maps municipal boundaries under contract with us. They also map school district boundaries for us, the Oklahoma Department of Education, and the Oklahoma Department of Vocational-Technical Education. They map the precincts for the Election Board. They mapped the State senate and house districts for the State Legislature, etc.

As for whether these city boundaries are "official" or not. Since 2000, the cities have been required to file any boundary changes with my division as well as with the local county clerk's office. We have sent flyers, maps, and letters to the cities during this six year period asking them for information, confirming boundaries, and reminding them of the statutes. In general, we get a good response. However, it is not uncommon for a city to complain that an ordinance was passed several years ago and was not included. Of course, we can only work changes that we actually receive.

We use this mapping for sales tax collection, the election board uses this mapping for voter registration, the department of transportation tells me that they use this mapping to help determine road maintenance responsibility, and this mapping is forwarded to USGS to be included on the "National Map".

Is this mapping layer truly "official"? Probably not. It is accurate? It is as accurate as the cities let it be (and as they follow through on the statutes).

If you have any further questions, please let me know.


Troy Frazier
Ad Valorem Division - Oklahoma Tax Commission
(405) 521-3178 or

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I have the municipal boundaries file from the OSU Center for Geospatial Information (tax commission data) but it appears not to have been updated since 2003. Does anyone know of a current city boundaries shapefile for the state? We are especially interested in Tulsa and Oklahoma City boundaries.

Katy Rich

Katy Rich, M.A.
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