[OKGIS] IIS displays code instead of page.

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  • Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 13:28:07 -0600
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Title: IIS displays code instead of page.

I recently installed ArcGIS Server (AGS) on my personal workstation to use as a testing and development box.  However, I encountered a problem the very first time I tried to start ArcGIS Server Manager and haven't been able to get past it.  Basically, it just gave me an error message, which I won't recount here.  I contacted ESRI support and went through some testing with them.  At the end of that the analyst suspected it was an IIS (Internet Information Server) problem and sent me a simple asp.net test file to use as a test web page.  He gave me instructions to install it in a location unrelated to ArcGIS Server.  When I installed it and browsed to in in a web browser, it show the asp.net code instead of performing the action and displaying the page that the code defines.

The ESRI analyst concluded that this must be an IIS problem, configuration or something.  That's odd since I only just installed IIS in the process of installing AGS.  I certainly haven't made any customizations to the IIS configuration that I'm aware of.

I asked our webmaster about this and she hadn't encountered this problem and didn't have any suggestions.

Have any of you encountered this problem and know the answer?
If not, do you know any good IIS forums or tech sites that I could submit this query to?


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