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This might be after the fact.  A few years ago I merged the contour data from the OK digital atlas into a single shape file, ZIP'ed it and put it out on the OKMaps FTP site. 
You can download it here:
It's based on the 100K quad maps.  According to the metadata:
The contour interval is 10 meters for most of the state, 20 meters for about the eastern one-third of the state, and 5 meters for the Alva quadrangle in north-central Oklahoma.
Hope this is useful.

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I've now got it covered but thanks much for your help!

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I put together all the 30m dems for Oklahoma a few years ago.   I can give you all zone 14 (utm).  Can't emial it though - its 500mb compressed.  It is in E00 format and gzipped. Email me if you want that much and I'll write it to a CD

Griffin, Iyla S. wrote:

I'm looking for contour data for Cleveland and McClain counties (particularly around the canadian river) and haven't been able to find it.  Apparently, it was a part of the Digital Atlas of Oklahoma but I can't find it on  Anybody? 

Thanks so much!

Iyla Griffin

University of Oklahoma 

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