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Hi Mark,

Just a thought, if you can export your segment information (X, Y and Z coordinates, X, Y would be the midpoint for each segment) into a dbf, then I would use the following software packages to produce your graphic.  If your trying to produce a 3d graphic of trail, then does the sequence matter?  The X,Y and Z coordinates will be in X,Y and Z locations regardless of sequence, right?
  1.  I haven't used this one, but it looks like it could work
  2.  This is a great program, but gets pretty involved (this will produce the best result, and you can use the trial version if you cannot buy it)
  3. MS Excel will work, but may not provide the best graphic.

Let me know if I can help.


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06/17/2009 10:06 AM

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[okgis] Visualization of Elevation and Slope Data

I have trails that I have intersected with elevation data (contour lines).  Each time a trail intersected a contour line I broke the trail into a segment for which I then calculated the length, elevation change and then the percent slope.  Now I am trying to visualize the results.  I can certainly map the result where each segment has a different color, symbol, etc. based upon the percent slope value.  But what I would like is to display the results more like a cross-section of the terrain - something like you might see in a hiking guide in Colorado (except with the percent slope values added for each segment.  Below is a very crude graphic of what I have in mind, except that I need/want the x-axis to be true distance between the end points of the segments and the y-axis to be the actual elevation values.
  /    \      /\
/         \/      \
I checked the ‘cut and fill’ and cogo type operations within ArcGIS but did not find anything that I thought would work.  I may have missed something, so any ideas, suggestions, etc. would be greatly appreciated.  I know that I could take the table information into something like excel and graph everything there, but then I would have to make certain about the order of the segments, so I would like to do it in ArcGIS if possible.
Mark Gregory
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 and Management
Oklahoma State University
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