[okgis] ArcGIS Pro 2.2 now available. What can you expect?

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  • Subject: [okgis] ArcGIS Pro 2.2 now available. What can you expect?
  • Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2018 11:31:15 -0400

I know many of you are all at the Esri UC. So, you are probably already in the know about this latest release of ArcGIS Pro. However, if you are like me and could not go to the UC, you might find this new release of ArcGIS Pro very interesting. Esri has added several features we have been asking for, for a long time.


So here are a few of the new capabilities you will find in this latest release of ArcGIS Pro. I believe you will be happy to see most of these:

  • Full motion video is now supported.  It can be played and analyzed if spatially enabled. You can also capture features in the video player as you watch it.
  • Streaming Data now supported as a streaming layer. This new layer type supports the display of real time stream data.
  • Batch Geoprocessing is now allowed. In ArcMap or ArcCatalog, you can right click on a geoprocessing tool and select the Batch option from the menu. This allows the tool to be run multiple times. This same functionality is now supported in ArcGIS Pro 2.2
  • Support for data created in Autodesk Revit software has been added. This is part of the ongoing partnership between Esri and Autodesk to integrate GIS and BIM.
  • You can now drag and drop supported files from Windows Explorer directly into the Contents pane in ArcGIS Pro.
  • The Go To XY tool has been added to ArcGIS Pro.
  • The Select Layer by Attribute and Select Layer by Location tools can be run in a Model using a Feature Class as the input without having to first use the Make Feature Layer tool.
  • The Calculate Geometry tool functionality has been added as Calculate Geometry Attribute. This tool can be accessed via Toolboxes or by right clicking on a field just as you did in ArcMap. It also works in conjunction with the Add Geometry Fields tools.
  • Copy Parallel editing tool has been added to ArcGIS Pro.


These are just a few of the updates you will find in this new version of ArcGIS Pro. For a full list of all the updates found in this latest version, go to - http://pro.arcgis.com/en/pro-app/get-started/whats-new-in-arcgis-pro.htm.


As always, make sure to test this new version before you put it into production. This is especially true if you are already using ArcGIS Pro as your primary desktop application. Our initial test with this new version indicate it is as stable as the past version but your results might vary.


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